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Valera, Juan (1824 - 1905) - free download ebooks and read online

There are ebooks for online read and free download by Valera, Juan on this page. Also you can read a bio of Valera, Juan.

Juan Valera y Alcalá-Galiano (October 18, 1824 – April 18, 1905), was a Spanish realist author, writer and political figure. He was born at Cabra, in the province of Córdoba. He was educated at Málaga and at the University of Granada, where he took his degree in law, and then entered upon a diplomatic career (1847). Over the next five decades, Valera filled a number of positions in a variety of various places. He accompanied the Spanish Ambassador to Naples. Afterward, he was a member of the Spanish legations at Lisbon (1850), Rio de Janeiro (1851-53), Dresden and St. Petersburg (1854-57). After his return to Madrid, he became one of the editors of the liberal journal El Contemporáneo (1859), and was appointed Minister to Frankfurt (1865). After the revolution of 1868 he was appointed Assistant Secretary of State and (1871) Director of Public Instruction. During the reign of Alphonso XII he was Minister to Lisbon (1881-83), Washington (1883-86), and Brussels (1886-88), and in 1893-95 Ambassador to Vienna. He was elected to the Academy of Moral and Political Sciences in 1900....

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Ebooks of Valera, Juan (free download ebooks and read online):

Algo de todo by Valera, Juan

El Comendador Mendoza Obras Completas Tomo VII by Valera, Juan

Cuentos y diálogos by Valera, Juan

De varios colores by Valera, Juan

Doña Luz by Valera, Juan

Genio y figura by Valera, Juan

Juanita La Larga by Valera, Juan

Morsamor peregrinaciones heroicas y lances de amor y fortuna de Miguel de Zuheros y Tiburcio de Simahonda by Valera, Juan

Pasarse de listo by Valera, Juan

Pepita Jiménez by Valera, Juan

Pepita Ximenez by Valera, Juan

El Superhombre y otras novedades by Valera, Juan