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Psycharis, Ioannis (1854 - 1929) - free download ebooks and read online

There are ebooks for online read and free download by Psycharis, Ioannis on this page. Also you can read a bio of Psycharis, Ioannis.

Ioannis (or Yannis) Psycharis (Greek Ιωάννης (Γιάννης) Ψυχάρης, French Jean Psychari, 1854-1929) was a philologist, author and promoter of Demotic Greek. Psycharis was the coiner of the term diglossia,[citation needed] which describes a language community's simultaneous use of the genuine mother tongue of the present day, the vernacular, and a dialect from centuries earlier in the history of the language. The vernacular is of low prestige and is discouraged or totally forbidden for written use and formal spoken use, while the obsolete dialect is of high prestige and is used for most written communication and for formal speeches by institutions of authority such as government and religious institutions. Diglossia was a major issue in Greek society and politics in the 19th and 20th centuries (see Greek language question)....

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Ebooks of Psycharis, Ioannis (free download ebooks and read online):

Ρόδα και Μήλα Τόμος Α' by Psycharis, Ioannis

Το Ταξείδι μου by Psycharis, Ioannis