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Peterson, Margaret (1883 - 1933) - free download ebooks and read online

There are ebooks for online read and free download by Peterson, Margaret on this page. Also you can read a bio of Peterson, Margaret.

Margaret Peterson (1883-1933) was a popular English novelist.[1] [2]She also wrote under the pseudonym Glint Green. In 1913, she won the 250-guinea Melrose prize for her first novel The Lure of the Little Drum. She also wrote Blind Eyes (1914), Tony Bellew (1914), Just Because (1915), The Love of Navarre (1915), To Love (1915), The Women's Message(1915), Butterfly Wings (1916), Fate and the Watcher (1917), Love's Burden (1918), The Death Drum (1919), Moon Mountains (1920), Love is Enough (1921), Dust of Desire (1922), The First Stone (1923), Deadly Nightshade (1924), The Pitiful Rebellion (1925), Pamela and Her Lion Man (1926), The Feet of Death (1927), Like a Rose (1928), The Thing That Cannot be Named (1929), Dear, Lovely One (1930), Fatal Shadows (1931), Poor Delights (1932), Twice Broken (1933) and Death in Goblin Waters (1934).[3] She was also a poet whose verse had appeared in The Sphere and elsewhere and had earned a reputation for eccentricity by habitually dressing in medieval clothes.[4]...

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To Love by Peterson, Margaret