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Davis, Rebecca Harding (1831 - 1910) - free download ebooks and read online

There are ebooks for online read and free download by Davis, Rebecca Harding on this page. Also you can read a bio of Davis, Rebecca Harding.

Rebecca Blaine Harding Davis (1831-1910; born Rebecca Blaine Harding) was an American author and journalist. She is deemed a pioneer of literary Realism in American literature. Her most important literary work is the novella Life in the Iron Mills published in the April 1861 edition of the Atlantic Monthly. Throughout her lifetime, Harding Davis sought to effect social change for blacks, women, Native Americans, immigrants, and the working class, by intentionally writing about these marginalised groups' plight in the 19th century....

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Ebooks of Davis, Rebecca Harding (free download ebooks and read online):

Frances Waldeaux by Davis, Rebecca Harding

Life in the Iron-Mills; or, the Korl Woman by Davis, Rebecca Harding

Margret Howth, a Story of To-day by Davis, Rebecca Harding

Stories by American Authors, Volume 1 by Davis, Rebecca Harding