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Chamberlain, Basil Hall (1850 - 1935) - free download ebooks and read online

There are ebooks for online read and free download by Chamberlain, Basil Hall on this page. Also you can read a bio of Chamberlain, Basil Hall.

Basil Hall Chamberlain (18 October 1850 – 15 February 1935) was a professor of Tokyo Imperial University and one of the foremost British Japanologists active in Japan during the late 19th century. (Others included E. M. Satow and W. G. Aston.) He also wrote some of the earliest translations of haiku into English. He is perhaps best remembered for his informal and popular one-volume encyclopedia Things Japanese, which first appeared in 1890 and which he revised several times thereafter. His interests were diverse, and his works included a volume of poetry in French....

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Ebooks of Chamberlain, Basil Hall (free download ebooks and read online):

Aino Folk-Tales by Chamberlain, Basil Hall

The Fisher-Boy Urashima by Chamberlain, Basil Hall

The Invention of a New Religion by Chamberlain, Basil Hall

The Silly Jelly-Fish Told in English by Chamberlain, Basil Hall