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Brown, William Wells (1816 - 1884) - free download ebooks and read online

There are ebooks for online read and free download by Brown, William Wells on this page. Also you can read a bio of Brown, William Wells.

William Wells Brown (November 6, 1816 – November 6, 1884) was a prominent abolitionist lecturer, novelist, playwright, and historian. Born into slavery in the Southern United States, Brown escaped to the North, where he worked for abolitionist causes and was a prolific writer. Brown was a pioneer in several different literary genres, including travel writing, fiction, and drama, and wrote what is considered to be the first novel by an African American. An almost exact contemporary of Frederick Douglass, Wells Brown was overshadowed by Douglass and the two feuded publicly. [1]...

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Ebooks of Brown, William Wells (free download ebooks and read online):

Clotelle: a Tale of the Southern States by Brown, William Wells

Clotelle; or, the Colored Heroine, a tale of the Southern States; or, the President's Daughter by Brown, William Wells

Clotel; or, the President's Daughter by Brown, William Wells

The Narrative of William W. Brown, a Fugitive Slave by Brown, William Wells

Three Years in Europe Places I Have Seen and People I Have Met by Brown, William Wells